Guys; you don't gotta love 'em, so why do we choose to?

Me: Ya know, if you weren't right all the time I might like you more.

Jay: Not true. I'd still be devastatingly attractive and witty.

Me: Just because I'd do you, doesn't mean I'd like you. Hasn't college taught you anything?

Me: What is wrong with you? Why do I keep you around, you'd sell me out for a blow job and a snickers bar!

Jeff: Probably; and I don't even like snickers.
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Myra: Me and my boyfriend are all excited because now that I have birth control he doesn't have to pull out anymore.

(She says this randomly to me while completely sober as we're straightening racks of jeans at work.)

Me: *stares* Yeah, that's a really good way to kill the mood. (Mind you, I WAS stoned.)

Myra: Yeah. Especially when he comes fast.

Fuckin' people.
jen - hee hee
  • reeast funny. post things, you assholes.

me - "i'm a lesbian."
creepy bar guy - "that's great and all, but where do i fit into the equation?"
me - " don't."

erin - "look at those two cars driving down the road together! that is dangerous! and that guy's going to school. at night! also dangerous!"

^lmfao...omg this was also the way she said it. erin i love're so funny!
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Ahhh memories....

Girl #2 and Girl #3 mercilessly picking on Girl #1


Girl #2: Been there...

Girl #3: ...done that.

Girl#1: That was so....wrong.

Girl #2 and #3 high five!

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welcome to your new home page.

examples of great quotes:

"you're prettier when you don't talk."
"ha. that's a good quote."

"___________ just said she wanted to have sex with you."
"i know, i'm wondering why i'm still eating croissants."

"Yeah, I have no gag reflex."
"i bet guys love you for that."
"yeah, the gents dig it."

"i know tons of vegans because, duh, i'm a lesbian."

photos are welcome. they should have something to do with your quote. they should be behind a cut. let us know if they're obscene before we click.